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Maintenance & Repair Services
X-Stream Power Wash & Paint offers a variety of services to residential and commercial customers who want to clean, beautify and preserve their property. Using power washing, we can clean and renew many surfaces, including siding, decks, patios, driveways and walkways. Our industrial, high temperature power washing treatment combined with brush cleaning removes dirt, mold, grime and stain from most surfaces. We don't stop after power washing! We have a long list of services to offer your home or business. read more
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    LOW Pressure- STEAM Cleaning

    Power washing your home can protect you and family from harmful mold and other dirt that could trigger allergic reactions. The benefits of steam power washing are in the high temperature, heated water that can more easily, safely, and efficiently break down contaminants than regular, cold water alone. The addition of heat and steam allows surfaces to be cleaned at lower pressure, and results in less potential for damage.  (more…)

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    Wood & Deck Staining- Seal & Protect

    Caring for your wood deck and fence by having it professionally cleaned and stained is an important part in maintaining its life and beauty. Deck staining is a multi-step process to prepare and clean the wood, and then seal it against damage. (more…)

    Project Ideas
    • Have your gutters cleaned inside and out.

    • Those black streaks are eating the shingles away…

    • Clean and seal your concrete driveway, walkways, and patio..

    • Power wash your pool area..

    • Brushed clean siding and gutters will look like new..

    • Have your wood deck renewed..

    • Repair deteriorating fence and stain for protection.. 

    • Keep your kids safe while playing..

    X-Stream Power Wash and Paint is your choice for power washing in St. Louis and surrounding areas. We specialize in exterior painting, interior painting, concrete sealing, deck staining & cleaning, and repair services for your home.

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