Deck Staining

deck staining St. LouisCaring for your deck by having professional cleaning and deck staining is an important part in maintaining its life and beauty. Since a deck is a horizontal surface, it is at the mercy of the elements. Wood left exposed to sun and moisture will quickly begin to degrade. If you leave your deck untreated, you can expect it to turn gray with age warp, and split. If you ignore the necessary cleaning and maintenance, you’ll have to make major repairs or even replace sections.

•  Dirt and debris are the food source for mold and should be professionally cleaned periodically. The sun UV rays break down the surface fibers, causing wood to weaken and turn gray during the process. Rain and snow soak the surface causing the wood to swell excessively, and eventually leading to the breakdown of the internal fibers. Once this happens, the wood becomes spongy and weak. Regular usage and foot traffic will complicate the problem even more.  

There is a definite technique for power washing and staining. If not done correctly, you can damage or scar wood. Not utilizing the appropriate equipment and technique can be a costly mistake to repair, or even replace.

•  If you have chosen composite decking, it too must be cleaned and maintained. If it is not power washed regularly, common mold and dirt can heavily stain the composite material and damage its appearance.

 Staining is a multi-step process to prepare and clean the wood, and then seal it against damage. Removing dirt and mold are essential. If a new deck has never been stained, it has special preparation needs.

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