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Hot2Go Pressure Washers​​  St. Louis

Manufactured in the USA by Hydro Tek. Hot2Go by Hydro Tek, manufacturing the highest quality outdoor cleaning equipment for over 25 years.

Hydro Tek pressure Washers

X-Stream Power Wash & Paint provides equipment sales and parts for Hot2Go Pressure Washers. Contact X-Stream Power Wash & Paint for more information on Hot2Go pressure washers and power washing.

Hydro Tek Systems Inc. has been manufacturing high quality cold, hot and steam pressure washers since 1985. Hydro Tek pressure washers are designed with high grade, top-quality components with increased reliability and performance with a system that “Cleans Fast and Outlasts”.  Hydro Tek pressure washers, recycle systems and cleaning equipment is the most reliable in the market the top choice for  equipment by industry professionals in Industrial, Commercial and Contract Cleaners, Heavy Construction, Fleet Maintenance, Agricultural and Government agencies. Buy  Hydro Tek pressure washers when you want top quality with high end components that are backed by a No Nonsense Warranty and Lifetime Coil Warranty.

Hydo Tek Pressure Washers, Hose Reels, and Parts:

Hydro Tek Pressure Washers St. Louis CPS Series

Hydro Tek Pressure Washers CPX Series diesel cold water skid CPX Series

Hydo Tek Pressure Washers CW Series CW & CWD Series

HD Steam cleaner HD Series

HN Series HN Series

HP Series Hydro Tek Pressure Washer Sales HP Series

SC Series with generator SC Series

SCU Series with generator SCU Series

Vacuum recovery system RGV40 RGV40 Vacuum Recovery System

Rotary surface cleaners- Hydro Twisters Rotary Surface Cleaners- Hydro Twisters

Hose reel Pivoting AR425  Hose Reels

HydroTek Parts Catalog

X-Steam Power Wash & Paint are your experts in roof cleaning, deck staining, interior home painting, and  power washing St. Louis.

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Need to purchase quality pressure cleaning equipment?
Don't let algae eat your roof away. It will be hungry for a new roof all too soon.
Don't let hazards and eye sores damage your home's appearance.
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