Fence Repair and Restoration

Wood fencing is a great addition to a home, but proper care is required to keep your fence safe and looking its best for many years. Our unique weather can be especially hard on any wood fence, so it pays to have your fence professionally cleaned, maintained, and repaired to prevent costly problems.

With regular maintenance and a protective coat of stain to guard against natural wear, a wood fence can stand up to the most inhospitable outdoor conditions.

It’s important to check your fence periodically for irregularities and to address them promptly. We are able to handle all of your fence maintenance and repair needs. Key problems to look for when inspecting your wood fence are rotten or decaying wood, splinters and broken nails, and weakened fence posts. Make sure your fence posts are sturdy and strong, since they form the backbone for the rest of the fence. To check the posts, grab each one from the top and apply pressure to all sides. If the post is secured in the concrete base, it won’t move. If reacts to your force, that may signify a rotting post.

Don't let algae eat your roof away. It will be hungry for a new roof all too soon.
Don't let hazards and eye sores damage your home's appearance.
Let us help you protect your biggest investment.
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