Have your wood deck renewed..Put life back into your deck wood. Caring for your deck by having it professionally cleaned and stained is an important part of protecting your investment. Since a deck is a horizontal surface, it is at the mercy of the elements. Wood left exposed to sun and moisture will quickly begin to degrade. If you leave your deck untreated, you can expect it to turn gray with age. In addition, the decking boards are likely to warp and split. If you ignore the necessary cleaning and maintenance, you’ll have to make major repairs or even replace sections.

X-Stream Power Wash & Paint uses only high quality Porter stain and paint. Porter provides superior protection against weathering elements. It contains a high level of UV stabilizers to minimize sun damage, and has a deep penetrating formula to strengthen wood. Porter stain exceeds federal specifications for water repellency, and contains mildew and algae resistant agents.

If you have chosen composite decking, it too must be cleaned and maintained. If it is not power washed regularly, common mold and dirt can heavily stain the composite material and damage its appearance.

We are experts in high temperature washes that remove residue and kill mold more effectively that the standard cold power wash. The heated treatment kills mold and algae without the use of harsh chemicals, and this helps prevent it from returning as quickly.

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Don't let algae eat your roof away. It will be hungry for a new roof all too soon.
Don't let hazards and eye sores damage your home's appearance.
Let us help you protect your biggest investment.
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