Play Sets

Play Sets Maintenance and Restoration

Getting a wooden play set is one of the major milestones in a family’s development. After all, now your kids have a place to climb, swing, and generally go wild without you having to worry about them. You’ve probably made a significant investment on lumber, climbing walls, plastic slides, and swings. If you want to make sure your play set gets lots of years of safe and fun usage, you’ll need to have it maintained regularly.

We professionally power wash the play set to clean off any microscopic dangers such as bacteria, bird droppings or insects that may have taken up residence in the wood. The clean set is then stained to protect the material from water damage and rot. Even though most wooden play sets are pressure treated by the manufacturers, they still face rapid decay from year round exposure to weather elements if they are not cleaned and stained annually. We will offer the additional service of tightening the bolts and screws. If you let us maintain your play set regularly, your kids will have many years of happy and safe playtime.

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